Unlike academic experts, Rob Wallace has +30 years of branding industry expertise in developing brand names, brand imagery, brand messaging, package design, advertising and communications for the market-leading, global brands of more than 50 Fortune 500 consumer product and service companies. This gives him unique insight in establishing the likelihood of consumer confusion between brands and how that influences purchase behavior.




 Rob connected and communicated very effectively with the jury, providing compelling expertise in support of our case.”  

--- Lynn S. Davies @Richards, Brandt, Miller, Nelson


 Rob was a most effective and compelling witness in both deposition and at trial.  He added great value to our case”  

--- Steven H. Bergman @Richards, Brandt, Miller, Nelson


 Rob’s background and experience with branding practices were crucial to helping us win our case. 

His analysis was cogent and his testimony top-notch. 

He is a credible, confident and compelling expert witness.”  

--- James Masella, Partner, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler.



Experienced in Lanham Act and TTAB infringement issues including:


Infringement of

• Trademark and Copyright  

• Package Design   

• Product Design 

• Brand Identity/Logo 

• Web Site 

• Branding Industry Best Practices


• Survey Development/Analysis

• Likelihood of Confusion Determination

• Brand Dilution Confirmation

• Damages Accessment

• Corrective Advertising Calculation


Unique Credentials

• Works with +100 top consumer product /service companies on branding strategy           and communications

• Clients include P&G, Nestle, J&J, Unilever, Bacardi, Pfizer, Dell, Kraft, Mattel, M&M       Mars, PNC and +90 others of equal caliber in every product/service category

• Created/analyzed +1,000 consumer survey/research projects

• +30 year Managing Partner of a brand identity strategy and communications firm            Wallace Church, Inc.

• The industry thought leader on quantifying brand value 

• Board Member: Design Management Institute /Co-chair Design Value Project

Serves attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants


Rob Wallace Branding Expert  .  P : 917.860.0319  .  Rob@RobWallaceExpert.com  .  330 E 48 St NYC, NY 10017