Authored Books

“Really Good Packaging Explained”, Rockport Publishing, 2009 coauthored with Brownwin Edwards, Marianne Klimchuk, and Sharon Werner

Contributions to other Books

“What Makes a Great Private Brand”, Forward to Fifty2, The My Private Brand Project,  Christopher A. Durham, 2014

“Interview with Rob Wallace”, featured in Build Your Own Brand, Robin Landa, 2014

Authored Articles

In the past 15 years I have written more than 3 dozen articles including but not limited to:

  • “The Tropicana Trouble and How It May Have Been Prevented”, Package Digest, 2009
  • “Blood, Sweat and Tiers, Building Optimal Brand Identity Architectures”, GAIN, AIGA Journal of Business and Design, June 2008
  • “Heinz Turns Iconic Authenticity Into Fresh Relevance”, The Hub, September 2007
  • “Design ROI Envisioned”, Step Inside Design, July/August 2007
  • “Be Smart Be Simple”, Design Management Review, Spring 2006
  • “Proving our Value: Measuring Package Design’s Return on Investment”, Design Management Journal, Summer 2001
  • “The High Cost of Saving Money”, Package Digest, Summer 2000
  • “Icons, Your Brand’s Visual Essence, Brandweek, Spring 2000
  • “Amazing Pace, Shared Views on the Design Process”, Design Management Journal, Spring 2000.  


Authored Blog Posts

In the past several years I have posed more than two dozen posts on Wallace Church’s web site: these include but are not limited to:

  • “Quantifying Design’s Value, Industry Research from DMI & Wallace Church Design ROI”
  • “Design ROI Re-Envisioned”, Industry Research from DMI & Wallace Church Design ROI”
  • “Cutting through the Sea of Sameness”
  • “Architecting a Brand Experience”
  • “The National Color” and many more


I am the founder of the Linked In Group- “Relevant Disruption in Branding” where I have posted more than a dozen articles including:

  • “Right Here, Right NOW!”
  • Beer Becoming Bourbon
  • “Fashion Touchdown”
  • “Disruptive Brand Spokesmen”
  • “Everything is Popping”
  • “Color is Key”
  • “Cool Customization”
  • “Relevance for Right Now”
  • “Shape Language Disruption”
  • “Visual Vampires”
  •  “Disrupt Everything”